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General Industrial Packaged Boiler

BOILERMECH Fire Tube, Reverse Flame and Three-Pass Wet Back Steam Boiler



This range of boiler is designed to cater to the general industries. Specific requirement to petrochemical industries can be customised to meet the hazardous zone classification.

All boilers are coupled with burners capable of firing natural gas, diesel, or fuel oil (LFO/MFO/HFO), as well as dual fuel combination for simultaneous combustion of different fuels. Optional burners for firing waste fuel or process gases can also be provided.

Fully automatic burners with high turn down ratio provide extensive flexibility with minimal operating cost, while maintaining high efficiency.

Where emissions standards demand better air pollutant levels such as NOx, Sox, CO, it can be customized to achieve the desired specifications.

The boilers are fully factory assembled; to be delivered as a package ready to be fired at site. Boiler bodies and burners for larger units are packed and delivered separately for shipping convenience, which can be easily assembled at site.

The boilers are designed with large cleaning doors at both the front and rear of the boilers providing excellent accessibility for maintenance purposes. Manholes and handholes/inspection holes are located at strategic locations allowing for good internal inspection of the boiler parts.

Quality insulation provided on the boilers minimise heat losses thereby making them more efficient.

Ladders and platforms are provided for ease of access to the boilers’ valves and mountings, including the burner area on larger units to facilitate maintenance.

Design & Construction

General Industrial Packaged Boiler is an all-welded construction type boiler, designed and constructed strictly to the requirement of BS EN 12953 (latest edition).

Boiler plates and tubes selected for construction are of high quality low-carbon steel material from established steel mills in Europe and Japan. All boiler tubes used are seamless type.

The boiler design is appraised by 3rd party inspectorate and approved by the Malaysian statutory regulating body (JKKP). For energy-saving and efficiency enhancement, an economizer or air pre-heater can be integrated as part of our boiler, or installed as a stand-alone unit.

The boiler can be designed and built to ASME Sec. I with “S” Stamp upon request.

RF Series Steam Boiler

(1,000 to 5,000 KG/hr F&A 100oC)
10 - 17 Barg

RF Series Steam Boiler

WB Series Steam Boiler

(6,000 to 32,000 KG/hr F&A 100oC)
10 - 17 Barg

WB Series Steam Boiler

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