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Boilermech has the expertise and experience to carry out repairs and refurbishments on a vast array of water tube boilers and auxiliary systems. We can be engaged on a contract basis or as one-off consultants. Having built a reputation as experts in this field, we are confident in solving any problem you may encounter. Some of our expertise includes:

  1. Improving Fuel Efficiency

    This is achieved through an introduction of either a heat exchanger (air preheater or economiser) or superheater to the existing boiler. By virtue of adding any of these components, the overall thermal efficiency of the boiler is increased. The heat exchanger harnesses the heat from the boiler flue gas to increase the temperature of air stream or feed water reducing overall fuel consumption. The superheater helps in inceasing the steam enthalpy resulting in better power generation giving more output utilising the same amount of fuel.
  2. Repair & Refurbishment Works

    Tubes, tiles (including membrane wall type) and other mechanical components such as fans and feed water pumps are subject to failure over time due to fatigue or operational issues. Boilermech investigates, advices and executes the right solutions to resolve these common issues effectively and efficiently.
  3. Fuel Handling

    A moving floor is an integral part of a boiler’s fuel handling system, receiving, storing and delivering fuel. Whether it is used as a fuel retention system or as the main fuel source for the boiler, Boilermech is able to supply complete fuel handling solutions for your boiler needs.
  4. Combustion Systems

    Conventional combustion grates (fixed grates) are subject to wear and tear over time and thus require constant replacement. Where we make a difference is introducing add-on features such as water cooled fixed grate to prolong the lifespan of the grates. We are also able to offer total and customised grate replacements, especially on our proven Vibrating Grates, on a range of boiler manufacturers.

Our other services include:

  1. Condition assessment
  2. Preventative maintenance
  3. Boiler service and inspection
  4. Spare parts supply
  5. system upgrades
  6. Installation and commissioning of auxiliaries
  7. General trouble shooting
  8. Engineering consulting
  9. Training

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