Company History

The history of our Group reaches back to September 2005 when Boilermech Sdn Bhd was acquired to operate in the business of designing and manufacturing boilers. On 5 October 2005, approval was obtained from Malaysia’s Department of Safety & Health (DOSH), to manufacture boilers. In the same month, we secured our first boiler manufacturing contract worth approximately RM1.83 million.

In the following month, we secured our first overseas boiler manufacturing contract worth approximately RM1.6 million from the Indonesian market.

In July 2006, we secured a contract worth approximately RM11.1 million to manufacture two boiler units of higher technical specifications in Indonesia. Each of the boilers supplies steam to generate 7.0 megawatts of electrical power. This was the first dedicated power generation biomass boiler designed and built by Boilermech.

In May 2007, we secured our first project for biomass cogeneration system (excluding turbine generator) worth approximately RM5 million, comprising the fuel handling systems, boiler and water treatment systems.

In July 2007, we achieved another milestone by successfully securing a RM6.8 million contract to manufacture a biomass boiler with steam evaporation capacity of 130 tonnes per hour for a sugar mill in Indonesia. The biomass boiler remains to-date the largest boiler Boilermech has built in terms of capacity.

Boilermech’s present administrative and manufacturing facility spanning an area of about 5 acres was purchased in December 2008. In line with our strategy to expand our range of services, management focused on providing engineering solutions for major repairs and refurbishment work on existing/ageing boilers. We successfully secured our first major repair and refurbishment contract amounting to RM1.48 million in November 2009.

In October 2010, QL Green Resources Sdn Bhd became our strategic investor by acquiring a 40.5% equity interest in Boilermech. The entry of QLGR is expected to complement our strategies and capabilities in the development of biomass renewable energy.

In October 2010, Boilermech Holdings Berhad acquired Boilermech. Having only started in the boiler manufacturing industry in 2005, we have grown to become a reputable and reliable boiler manufacturer with the capability of providing boiler repair and refurbishment services. Under the drive and stewardship of our Managing Director, Leong Yew Cheong, and Executive Director, Wong Wee Voo, coupled with the commitment and dedication of a team of experienced management personnel, we are presently ranked as one of the largest boiler manufacturers in Malaysia. Although Boilermech primarily serves the palm oil milling industry, we have also designed and manufactured boilers for other agricultural based processing industries such as sugar milling, rubber based manufacturing, food processing and palm oil refineries.

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